The Antiques Diva on CNN!!

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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>On one Friend’s episode, Phoebe Buffay declared “I may play the fool at times, but I’m a little more than just a pretty blonde girl with a bum that won’t quit”. And perhaps quoting Phoebe isn’t the typical way one might start a blog on modern-day news gathering processes, but if the shoe fits…wear it! Especially if it’s Manolo Blahnik. In today’s blog, The Antiques Diva has become The Business Diva!

Are you familiar with iReport? In a stunning example of how society is evolving and embracing technology and connectivity, CNN launched a user-driven content initiative two years ago called iReport. News media has always been a top-down channel of relaying information to the general public, but the iReport initiative completely inverts that traditional process.

The beauty of iReport is that CNN has effectively extended their news-gathering capabilities to nearly every corner in the world – all without having to employ an army of reporters. They now have access to intimate and time-sensitive information that they could never otherwise have had.

For example, without iReport, CNN might never have known about the DNN – the Diva News Network! After returning home tonight from a Decorative and Fine Arts Society meeting in The Hague, I sat down to check my emails, only to discover a mail from my friend Suzanne which read I just saw you on CNN!!! To my pleasant surprise, the Diva News Network video on Brussels was selected by CNN to appear on their homepage as a primary iReport listing! Visit the site today (who knows how long it will be posted!).

Thanks CNN!!

The Antiques Diva