Dutch Flea Markets and Antiques Fairs Spring/Summer 2008 Calendar

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April 18 – 20 Open Huis Antiek & Brocante “Bij ons Thus”

April 19 – Antiekmarkt Haarlem
(and May 17, 7 & 21 June, 5 & 19 July, 2 & 16 August, 6 & 20 September)

April 26 — Queen Lifestyle Brocante – Open Dag en Lentebrocante


May 1 – Grote Rommelmarkt – Rijnhal Arnhem

May 10 + Gouds Mont Martre, Gouda
Each Wednesday 10 May – 10 Sept

May 10 – 12 Westfries Tuinfair, Midwoud

May 11 – 12 Open Deur Dagen bij Marian van Oostrom, Bergen

May 12 – Grote Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Brummen

May 12 – Extra Vrije Marktdag, Cuijk

May 12, Luikse Markt, Veemarkterrein, Utrecht

May 23 -24 Brocante Serviezendagen, Den Doorn (bij Delft)

May 30 – Amstelveld Curiosa, Amsterdam
(also June 27 & 25 July)


June 7 – Rommelmarkt “Hoofdplaat 230” Jaar, Hoofdplaat

June 21 – Curiosa en Antiekmarkt, Haren

June 21 – Brocante aan de Ijssel, Deventer
(also on 5 & 19 July and 16 & 30 August and 13 Sept)


July 6 – Kunstmarkt Bergen aan Zee

July 23 – Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Goes

July 31 – Curiosa en Rommelmarkt, Alphen aan de Rijn


August 2 – Curiosamarkt, Nijkerk

August 17 – Antiek aan Zee, Dishoek

August 30 – Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Waal Franse en Kuiperstraat, Vlaardingen

August 30 – Franse Brocantemarkt bij Brocantiek ‘t Schuurtje


September 7 – Boerenstreekmarkt – Vlooienmarkt en Braderie — Appelscha

September 20 – Vlooienmarkt Markthal, Barneveld

September 21 – Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Naarden Vesting


The Antiques Diva™

The One Minute Diva – La Table

egional Reporter, The Duchess of Orange, just sent me a tip advising my readers in the Amsterdam area to drop what they are doing and make plans to go to La Table. It may sound French, but it’s Dutch through and through and held in quite possibly the most charming town south of Amsterdam. The ‘t Gooi village of Naarden Vesting is one of my favorite places to wander on a weekday afternoon when I’ve nothing better to do. In De Grote Kerk (The Big Church), from Thursday 8 – Sunday 11, November, you’ll find a feast for the eyes with this years theme “The Royal Setting” serving up a heady portion of inspiration for holiday décor and design. Pretty much everything to do with interior design, table decorations, and interior lifestyle in general will be celebrated! Celebrated chef Paul Fagel is making a special lunch and dinner arrangement with fair guests as he celebrates his latest book “Aan Tafel met Van Gogh” (At the Table with Van Gogh) . While in Naarden you’ll have to visit Het ArsenaalJan des Bouvrie’s (the most famous Dutch interior designer) design center where you’ll want to recline on one of his modern chaise lounges and wrap yourself in one of his fur throws. Bring a camera and snap a pic in a true diva pose while no one is watching…

All the best,

The Antiques Diva ™