Newark, Newark….

Dear Diva Readers,

Start spreading the news….

I’m leaving today,

I want to be a part of it….

Newark, Newark…..

These vagabond shoes

They are longing to stray

Right through the very heart of it

Newark, Newark…..

I want to wake up in that city

That doesn’t sleep

And find I’m king of the hill

Top of the heap

My little town blues

They are melting away

I’m gonna make a brand new start of it

In old Newark………”

I’m utterly convinced old Blue Eyes got it wrong.  He didn’t mean to say New York – he meant to say NEWARK!!!  Not New Jersey, but England Baby!!!  I just got my fair calendar in for next year’s Newark and I am dying of anticipation. 

What’s Newark, you ask?  The Newark International Antiques and Collectors Fair – the largest event of its kind in Europe – a world-wide phenomenon, a shopping experience that deserves its own song written by Frank Sinatra.  This is one event that needs to be experienced to be believed!

Held at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground on an enormous 84 acre site, up to 4,000 stands attract thousands of dealers and buyers from around the globe every other month. With its vast number of stands, choice of product is never an issue – there is quite possibly every item you could imagine.  From chandeliers and rugs, to sports memorabilia and paintings, not to mention the finest of antique furniture – the possibilities are endless! Antique fairs can be big and small, but only one can hold the ‘Europe’s largest’ crown – and that’s Newark.

Come one – come all, and come with The Antiques Diva® & Co to Newark.  Join us on special Newark Tours!!!

2nd and 3rd of February, 2012

12th and 13 th of April, 2012

21st and 22nd of June, 2012

23rd  and 24th  of August, 2012

4th and 5th of October, 2012

6th and 7th of December, 2012

Visit the IACF website for more information or our friends at Antiques News & Fairs to see what else is on during your travel dates!!

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