Coming to America: The Antiques Diva Does America

The Antiques Diva® Launches US Antiques Buying Tours 

For years I’ve said my mission at The Antiques Diva®️ & Co is to build an empire. And I’ve been doing it, one stiletto-clad step at a time. We launched 9 years ago in Paris as a one-woman parade. Flash forward to today and we are the world’s largest antiques touring company providing one-on-one customized antique buying tours working in 14 countries in both Europe and Asia with a team of 24 locally based guides.

Darlings, if you’re poking around our website you might have noticed something different. As Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details.” Our logo has been updated to include the latest step in this journey to providing the most comprehensive turnkey solution for Global Sourcing – Europe – Asia – and America.

Baby, I’m coming home! The Antiques Diva Does America.

Originally from Oklahoma, I’ve lived overseas 17 years. I’ve traveled in over 65 countries and an average month has me hopping multiple continents. As I travel I take in what’s unique in and about each country. But I experience these new lands through the eyes of me as an American. And in doing so, I’m also able to recognize what’s great about America. Just as I want to share with you my discoveries in far away places I want to help you find treasures right there in your own back yard. As we launch our social media campaign you’ll find these treasures hashtagged with #NoPassportRequired. While it’s always fun to travel abroad – sometimes you don’t have the time or money to go further afield – so we’re bringing you the best that you can find closer to home. Initially launching in the greater NYC area – over the next 6 months – we’re expanding sea to shining sea – New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Orleans, Atlanta and beyond….

And as always – I don’t do this alone. People often ask me… “How do you do it all? Have you cloned yourself?” In fact, I’ve found something better than clones. I’ve found Antiques Diva Guides. They are better than clones because they are experts in their own rights. With pedigrees ranging from working on the team of Martha Stewart to former HGTV stars to award-winning interior designers, antique dealers, authors and business women – my team of Diva Guides are your local expert.

Antiques Diva NYC Metro Diva Guides
Doni Belau, Tamara Matthews Stephenson, Margaret Schwartz, Justin Shaulis 

LAUNCHING JULY 4: NY metro area private, custom antiques tours:

Shop Where the Designers Shop: NYC Metro Area Private, Custom and Group Antiques Tours 

Special Event: Antiques Diva Hamptons Antiques Group Tour July 20-21

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