The One Minute Diva: The von Trapp Family Villa – A New Salzburg Hotel

Breaking news! The Villa Trapp website is now up and running!! Click here for all the details!

to9xmAQ/s1600-h/villatrapp.jpg”>to9xmAQ/s200/villatrapp.jpg” border=”0″ />top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>I am a huge fan of Cal Simmon’s blog, The Informed Traveler, which is hosted by The Five Star Alliance, the world’s leading luxury hotel reservation service. I frequently use their blogs to plan my vacations with great tips on where to stay & what to do while visiting exotic locations around the globe. Today’s Informed Traveler blog has me looking at my calendar trying desperately to arrange a trip to Salzburg this summer simply so I can stay in a new hotel that has just opened! Perhaps I can squeeze in an Austrian getaway in between a trip to the Loire this June & a Med cruise this August! According to The Informed Traveler, the hills are alive again with The Sound of Music – of course, this time the music might be merely the trickle of laughter and cries of joy from delighted guests who are now staying in the von Trapp Family Villa!

The Trapp Villa, as the hotel is called, opens this July and is quite surprisingly reasonably priced at 100E per night including breakfast(approx $ 155 USD). The Informed Traveler writes “Visitors will have a chance to relive scenes from the movie. Sip coffee at the gazebo where Liesl, eldest daughter of the von Trapp family, and her boyfriend, Rolf, had a secret rendezvous or dine at the von Trapp family table.”

tory/2008/5/13/195317/112/hotels/Movie_Set_Hotel_The_Von_Trapp_Villa_in_Salzburg” target=”_blank”>Hotel Chatter provided even more information on the hotel, providing history buffs with those details that make the stay even more intriguing. “The von Trapps lived (at Trapp Villa) from 1923-1938. When the Nazis stormed Austria, the Baron and his family left for Italy and the villa became the home of notorious SS chief Heinrich Himmler and his butler. Leave it to the Herr to build a huge white wall around the property, which remains today, and to turn the beautiful chapel into, what else, a beer hall. When the war ended, the property was returned to the family who then sold it to a peaceful Catholic missionary order”.

While the internet seems to be all a chatter about this new hotel, I can’t find their hotel website and am at a loss for how to book it! I’ve sent Informed Traveler an email hoping they’ll help solve this mystery! Dear Readers, if you solve the mystery before IT does, please let me know!

This seems like an utterly diva-worthy hotel experience! And I can’t wait to go to Salzburg at my first opportunity! I will however have to use the utmost of self-control to keep from ripping down the Villa Trapp’s draperies and making them into a pair of lederhosen fit for a diva!


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