Design Day at Home in Berlin

Dear Diva Readers,

top: 5px; float: left; color: white; background: #781300; border: 1px solid darkkhaki; font-size: 60px; line-height: 50px; padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 5px; font-family: times;”>Recently a blog reader emailed asking where I lived.  With my job leading antique buying tours all over Europe I’m on the road 2 or 3 weeks a month.  When I’m not traveling for work doing la diva loca I’m home sweet home in Berlin, Germany.

This past weekend Saturday was filled with errands as we worked on buying some essentials for our new home.  While I have an antique shipment from Sweden, Belgium and England due in the coming month (having already picked up pieces in Italy and France) to decorate our new home post fire, here in Berlin this weekend  I focused on some modern design.  (By the bye, in the coming months you can read more about these antique purchases in my on going series on decorating post fire in The Daily Basics).

My first stop on Saturday for decorating at home in Berlin? Stilwerk on the Kantstrasse in what was West Berlin not far from the Zoo.  This large concept store focuses on international design in interior décor and furniture.  After buying a new coffee table at Kartell and oohing over a few pieces at Roche Bobois, my husband and I meandered down the road checking out additional decor stores in the area.

With our stomachs rumbling it was time for lunch – fortunately just a few doors away across the road from Stilwerk is Paris Bar.  While the restaurant is known for its steady stream of celebrities who frequent it, I go there to admire their art collection whilst eating a darn good entrecôte with fries!

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After lunch we did pop down the road to get take-away cupcakes for later in the weekend  before continuing on to the Farrow and Ball shop at #34.  We were buying paint for the bedroom – and wanting to do a dark moody room we knew we needed top quality paint as dark rooms are not easy to do well.

Discovering that F&B in this neighborhood was out of the exact color of paint we were after – off black #75 – we loaded up the GPS with another Farrow & Ball,  located in Dahlem (former American Sector) on the Altensteinstraße.  And driving across town, we discovered this paint shop was tucked away in the  Königlichen Gartenakademie nearby the Botanical Gardens.  Founded as the “Royal Garden educational institution” in 1823, the aim of this historical place is to promote horticulture in Germany.  While I’m not sure how a Farrow & Ball shop found its way to be located in one of the greenhouses, it was a lovely place buy paint amidst the butterflies and bumble bees fitting from flower to flower for sale.

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Loaded up on paint, it was back into the center of town to check out the home goods on sale this June at KaDeWe.  Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Armani, bedding, etc is all on sale at KaDeWe.  And while I still didn’t find the bedding I was after, I did manage to score a gorgeous jacket and some summer frocks.

After a hard day’s shopping my husband and I headed home with our car practically bulging with purchases.   But there was one last errand to be made – our handyman had just build us a new closet in our home and we needed to buy hangers.  Where does one go for hangers in Berlin? If not Ikea then Hoffner, an allpurpose furniture and household store.  Having spent 60 Euro in hangers, we were back in the car all shopped out!

While Saturday  in Berlin was devoted to errands to decorate our home post fire, Sunday was a little more fun!   Lunch on the terrace (making the most of asparagus season in Germany) before heading to the Sony Center to watch the Great Gatsby!  And we had kicked off the weekend with cava on the terrace, taking advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend at home in Berlin!  When the reader emailed asking where I lived I realized while I often write about my travels you don’t often get a glimpse into my home life.  So many readers emailed saying how they’d enjoyed my dinner party post a few weeks ago that I thought perhaps I should share a little more of life back home in Berlin.

Much Love,

The Antiques Diva