The Antiques Diva Art and Antiques Shipping Services

At The Antiques Diva & Co our goal is to provide a turnkey solution and help our clients with the entire process of buying antiques overseas. From planning customized one-on-one antique buying tours to taking clients shopping by the hand whilst doing the translating and negotiating – our goal is for our clients to have “smooth sailing” antiquing abroad. We want our clients to have a seamless experience in their process of buying antiques overseas. For years we’ve worked with 3rd party shippers – but the fact is that when there were problems – and with shipping there are always problems – we didn’t have control over helping our clients SOLVE their problems.

The Process of Buying Antiques Abroad Just Got Simpler
By starting an in-house Art and Antiques Shipping Services called AD&CO LOGISTICS we are now able to offer our clients more solutions to their global sourcing needs. While we’re still happy to work with our preferred list of 3rd party international shipping companies who we trust and have worked with for years— we’re also giving clients a turnkey solution so that within one company they can shop in multiple countries and ship their purchases worldwide within the safe confines of The Antiques Diva & Co! For you, that means the process of buying antiques abroad just got simpler! And while this service is new at AD&CO, it’s old-hat for our shipping team. We’ve partnered with a premier international shipping company with 50 years expertise in international shipping as our in-house shipper.

“It’s not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage… “
George William CurtisThe Antiques Diva Art and Antiques Shipping Service

At The Antiques Diva & Co we’re all about customer service. Your AD&CO LOGISTICS shipping concierge will personally manage all facets of your shipment, including:

  • collecting your goods from the dealers
  • tracking your inventory and payments
  • cross-referencing your tags
  • packing
  • complete all export/import paperwork
  • monitor your shipment’s progress from the time we receive your goods until they are delivered to you
  • keep you advised of the status of your shipment

Our containers leave from the shipping port in Antwerp, Belgium.

Antiques Diva Art and Antiques Shipping Services Options:

∗ full 20 or 40ft containers or partial containers (LCL: Less Container Loads)
∗ door-to-door shipping
∗ port-only shipping
∗ independent or shared location shipping

We provide white glove art and antiques transport and shipping services to customers across Europe and around the globe, including antiques dealers, interior designers, builders and private clients. And while we love it when you book our Antiques Diva Tours – we’re even willing to offer our shipping service for those times when you’re shopping on your own independent of AD&CO!

Our bespoke shipping services will provide you with tags, labels and instructions to identify and inventory your purchases at the dealer or on your buying tour, and our shipping concierge is always available to respond to our customers before, during and after your shipment. In fact – if you’re just needing to get information – wondering if buying antiques overseas is feasible – why don’t you email me to set up a phone call to talk about your options!

The Antiques Diva Art and Antiques Shipping Service

Our Art and Antiques Shipping Services Include:

√ Organising the invoicing and payments of the goods purchased on an AD&CO Tour for our tour clients; or collecting the goods if you are not part of an Antiques Diva Buying Tour

√ Collecting all the goods from the different vendors and transporting to our warehouse in Antwerp

√ Our packing service including wrapping your goods in protective materials, crating, loading on pallets for transport, and using the most advanced art and antiques packaging and crating industry practices

√ Prior to shipping we store your goods in our secure cold storage warehouse in Antwerp

√ Shipments are organized in 20ft, 40ft or LCL (Less Container Loads)

√ We manage the loading of your container in our warehouse

√ We organise all customs and VAT paperwork concerning the export and import documentation necessary for your goods

√ If required, we provide fumigation of your container

√ We provide insurance for the shipped goods


And we’re doing it all at a bargain…
Our Goal at AD&CO is to save you time and money, whether that means by getting you better prices when we take you with us to source antiques overseas or in offering competitive rates on our art and antiques shipping services.

Bonne Shipping!

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva®