Can’t Get Enough of Saxon Henry

 Dear Diva Readers,

I’m writing today to give a special Grazie Mille to one of my favorite bloggers: Saxon Henry of Roaming by Design!

Saxon Henry

This month Saxon shared the news on her fab blog announcing to her readers that The Antiques Diva® & Co is now offering Italian Tours!  If you didn’t catch Saxon’s article on Antiques Diva Italian Tours make sure to do so now!

While I love Saxon’s blog Roaming by Design, I’m also a fan of all Saxon’s work (and Saxon in general as she’s one of my favorite travel companions and client-turned-friend).  Did you know that she publishes a number of blogs, including her life story – ” target=”_blank”>The Road To Promise?  She’s also turned her passion for social media into a career – her new Social Media consultancy firm, Adroyt, founded with the dazzling Richard Holschuh, is now in full swing!   

I simply can’t get enough of Saxon Henry!  Make sure to visit both these sites for more Saxon Henry fun!!

The Antiques Diva®

Last Minute Diva: #ATT Antiques Trade Tuesday

Attention Antiques Dealers,

I know you’re as into Social Media as I am and I hope you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook!   

That said, I knew you’d want to be the first to know about “Antiques Trade Tuesday” – the new way for members of the antiques trade to get noticed on Twitter!  If you’re using Social Media to gain exposure to new clients then Tuesday nights on Twitter is #ATT – Antiques Trade Tuesday – proving yet again that Antiques Are Fun!!!

Every Tuesday between 5pm and 7pm – UK TIME – Antiques Dealers send a tweet with the #ATT  hash tag telling what makes their shop great. The winner of the night is re-tweeted by the trade introducing YOU to their followers! It’s a great way to toot your own horn and to promote the antiques trade in general, gearing excitement amongst industry professionals!

Your tweet can be funny or serious as long as you say why you are awesome – giving you a Tuesday night chance to win the opportunity to have your tweet (and contact details) retweeted and exposing you to potentially thousands of future clients.

The twitter account you need to follow for all the news and information about #ATT is 

Hopefully this will be another way to promote the antiques trade and will also provide a bit of fun on twitter on a Tuesday night because Antiques are Fun!

Happy Tweeting,
The Antiques Diva®