Can’t Get Enough of Saxon Henry

 Dear Diva Readers,

I’m writing today to give a special Grazie Mille to one of my favorite bloggers: Saxon Henry of Roaming by Design!

Saxon Henry

This month Saxon shared the news on her fab blog announcing to her readers that The Antiques Diva® & Co is now offering Italian Tours!  If you didn’t catch Saxon’s article on Antiques Diva Italian Tours make sure to do so now!

While I love Saxon’s blog Roaming by Design, I’m also a fan of all Saxon’s work (and Saxon in general as she’s one of my favorite travel companions and client-turned-friend).  Did you know that she publishes a number of blogs, including her life story – ” target=”_blank”>The Road To Promise?  She’s also turned her passion for social media into a career – her new Social Media consultancy firm, Adroyt, founded with the dazzling Richard Holschuh, is now in full swing!   

I simply can’t get enough of Saxon Henry!  Make sure to visit both these sites for more Saxon Henry fun!!

The Antiques Diva®