Déballage de Sud de France – Wholesale Antique Shows in the South of France 2018 Calendar


Top Trade Antique Fairs & Flea Markets in the South of France

Déballages marchands antiquités are international antique wholesale trade shows – and The Antiques DIva® offers ‘to the trade’ antiques buying tours and access to trade and design professionals!  The primary cities where the déballages are held are Avignon, Montpellier and Béziers, although other towns in the south of France also hold wholesale antique brocantes. As you can see from the schedules below, it is often possible to attend all 3 trade antique shows on your antiques buying trip, as they are often scheduled on consecutive days. With an Antiques Diva Guide to assist you with translating, negotiation prices, finding dealers who specialize in your specific inventory needs and information on how to ship your antiques from France to the US. 

Wholesale antique shows require pre-planning: An educated buyer is a productive buyer. When shopping the fair please note that you must have made arrangements with your shipper to advance funds for paying and collecting your purchases during the days of the fair. These are real-time purchases and cannot be bought on purchase order, and be paid post-tour. Buyers who show up without prearranging their shipper and having cash in their account for their shipper are disappointed because they can’t buy if arrangements are not coordinated in advance of the show. The Antiques Diva are experts in how to buy antiques and ship them home, and can help you with all the prearrangements for trade-only antique fairs. 

Shopping at wholesale antiques shows in the south of France is fast and furious – the fair opens at the scheduled time and closes at noon, so buyers need to buy quickly – if you see it, love it and it’s the right price then you must buy it immediately. You are competing with top buyers from around the world – you have access to where the pros shop but you have to be prepared to shop like a pro. That’s where we come in.  

Wholesale Antiques Shows in the South of France | Tom Clark Haines | The Antiques Diva
Wholesale antique shows in the South of France available on to trade professionals. 

Avignon 2018 Wholesale Antique Markets
The trade antiques market in Avignon is exclusively for antique dealers and design professional from across the globe. This is a unique opportunity to meet other trade professionals, spot trends in antiques and interior design, and acquire exceptional antiques and decorative art pieces. Your Antiques Diva Guide will help you get your Buyer Card that gives you access to these one-day antique markets in Avignon.

  • Monday 5 February
  • Thursday 29 March
  • Monday 23 April
  • Monday 21 May
  • Monday 18 June
  • Monday 10 September
  • Monday 22 October
  • Monday 26 November

Montpellier 2018 Wholesale Antique Markets
With 8 buildings and more than 700 exhibitors and over 60 countries represented, Montpellier is the ultimate place to shop for antiques and objets d’art. The shows provide an incredible and diverse array of antiques, fine art, decorative arts, furniture and more.

  • Tuesday 27 March
  • Tuesday 19 June
  • Tuesday 11 September
  • Tuesday 27 November

Béziers 2018 Wholesale Antique Markets
Admittance to the antique market at Béziers requires documentation to verify you are in the trade, such as K bis (business identity card), carte d’acheteur (buyer’s card) or chéquier (international funds authorization), which your Antiques Diva Guide can assist with.

  • Sunday 25 March
  • Sunday 22 April
  • Sunday 20 May
  • Saturday 16 June
  • Sunday 9 September
  • Sunday 21 October
  • Sunday 25 November
Déballage de Sud de France | Toma Clark Haines | The Antiques Diva
Dinner after a long day shopping at wholesale antiques shows in the south of France with Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva; Laurent and Mimi of Lolo French Antiques et More; and Alison of Rose and Ivy. 

South of France Antique Buying Tours 

In addition to wholesale antiques shows in the south of France, The Antiques Diva offers 12 unique antique buying tours to the South of France, each private, 1:1 tour is based on your specific buying needs, schedule and budget. In addition, we will design a custom tour to source exactly what you are shopping for to stock your store, design a client’s project or if you’re seeking design inspiration. Nearby cities for antique shopping include l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Aix en Provence, Marseille and Bordeaux, and of course Paris, Belgium and Italy are very close by!

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