The March Inspirer

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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Just last week, Creative Consultant Jo Parfitt mentioned me in her Newsletter – The Inspirer – where she writes about making your “writing dreams come true”. In an article titled “to-avoid-them/” target=”_blank”>Rocky Roads and How to Avoid Them”, Jo shares how following your intuition will lead to achieving your goals.

Jo Parfitt and her team of Book Cooks help new and established writers make their writing dreams come true. Their services begin with home study programs and/or live workshops and move on to editing, proof reading, mentoring, design and publishing. If you want to create a compelling blog or newsletter, write a better diary, turn your memories into a memoir, or write a book, see it published and for sale worldwide, with Jo right by your side you can make it happen. With 26 books beneath her belt, hundreds of articles, many hundreds of inspired students and tens of published authors to her credit, Jo’s talent for seeing the big picture and inspiring and empowering all those who meet her means that she can help you, too, make your writing dreams come true.

Special Thank You to Jo for mentioning The Antiques Diva™ in The March Inspirer!

Are you interested in writing your memoir? Watch this video clip of one of Jo’s workshops!

Be Inspired,

The Antiques Diva™
(seen right drinking liquid inspiration. Photo credit: Cristina Stoian – Criss Pix)