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The Business of Antiques

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It is time-consuming yet critical to offer training in customer service, marketing, business development, and other topics in an up-to-date and consistent manner to everyone in your business. We can offer that training here, and we can design custom programs to help you build your antiques business.

Make your passion for antiques profitable!

Team and Dealer Training

Antique Dealer 2-Day Workshop

Small group 2-day trainings for antique dealers. This workshop allows you to fast-track your antiques business, network, ask questions and power through key modules of the The Antiques Diva Training Program in 2 days!

Upcoming Workshops:

    •    October 26-27, 2019 in NYC

    •    South of France, 1st week of April 2020



I am restructuring several things immediately and have found how to move my decimal over and increase my profitability with just a few simple adjustments!

Toma and her team delivered more than I could have dreamed of in 2 short days!

- Tressa Mills, Lake Shore Antiques

Participant 2-Day Workshop

CUSTOM Training

Learn From Industry Leaders And Insiders

Do you have a problem building or managing your antiques business? We have a solution!

Toma Clark Haines has been called an antiques marriage broker: matching her knowledge of sourcing antiques to people who buy and sell antiques. Her little black book isn't just full of secret and select antique sources in Europe, Asia and the United States. With over 10 years experience in the global antiques business, Toma has relationships with antiques and design industry sources:

Upcoming Workshops:

•    Expert Antique Dealers And Buyers Who Understand The Antiques Market

•    How To Stay Ahead Of Design Trends

•    How To Make Your Passion For Antiques Profitable