Sourcing Services


The Antiques Diva & Co offers custom antiques buying services for tourists and trade professionals. Whether you’re looking to buy one specific piece or fill an entire container, our personal shopping guides share their vast knowledge of secret sources to take you to all the right places and buy at the right price.


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Who are our Clients?

  • Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Antique Dealers
  • Interior Designers
  • Interior Design Showrooms
  • Fabric Houses and Furniture Retailers
  • Architects and Landscape Architects
  • Restaurant and Hotel Designers
  • Other Design Industry Professionals

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How it Works

  • Our sourcing excursions are all private – our shopping experts focus on you and only you when sourcing your products.
  • All our AD&CO guides are all locals and have long-term relationships with vendors.
  • Because our buyers are all locals with special industry connections, they're able to negotiate prices on your behalf. 
  • Our sourcing is always planned according to your style, budget and time frame.
  • Once you make your purchases, we will liaise you with a preferred shipper to get your items home.
  • If you are not already working with a shipper, we can also recommend a variety of shippers from which you may choose.

why we're the best

Each buying excursion is custom-planned according to the type of inventory for which you are searching.  In maximizing your benefits, we work according to your schedule and your budget.

By customizing a remote buying experience with us, we plan always with your specific needs and desires in mind, while saving you time. When you tell us the type of inventory you’re interested in, we then connect directly with specific dealers who specialize in that product and style. We also will help negotiate the best trade price possible for your purchases. When we walk in the door, we bring the buying power of not one client but rather all our clients.  Vendors recognize our buying power and as such tend to give us best pricing. Perhaps your biggest asset in working with The Antiques Diva & Co is our comprehensive network of antiques dealers, locally based Diva guides, ground transporters and international shipping contacts. Within one company you’re able to have all your antique sourcing needs met.

Buying Services

Most of our trade clients really WANT to travel and buy abroad, but it can be difficult finding the time when you're running a successful business.  In these cases, allow us to jump in and help! With our global network of experienced guides, we will be your man on the ground anywhere in the world.

Minimum purchase for Buying Services of ½ container applies.

Our Buying Services vs. Buying Online 

  • When buying online, you don’t always know what you’re buying or if it looks as good in person.
  • You likely do not have relationships with the dealers or someone to vet the inventory on your behalf before you pay a bundle to get it carted halfway around the world. 
  • When buying online, you just click “add to cart” –  no negotiating takes place, so you never really know if you’re getting the best price. 
  • If you want to buy from multiple stores, shipping becomes a disaster because you’re paying more to ship a few things individually rather than shipping everything together in a cheaper bulk shipment.
  • And most importantly . . . the best antique sources in Europe and Asia aren’t online!

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