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business coaching

1-on-1 Business Coaching for Established Antiques Dealers

When you work with The Antiques Diva & Co – you’re not just a Client – you are Family.
We are invested in the success of your antiques business helping you to achieve your goals. Our sessions are a confidential, safe place where we build a trusted relationship – a space where you can be vulnerable about your insecurities and speak your dreams out loud.

We share keys to creating a successful antiques business by developing new strategies specific to your antiques shop and increase your awareness of methods that have worked for other antiques dealers. We offer unbiased strategic advice to maximize your profits and personal well being. With a proven track record in the Business of Antiques and extensive experience – we help you take your business to new heights.


Our mission

In our Business Coaching for Antique Dealers Sessions:

01. We work with you to create a solid and strategic business and marketing plan that drives company growth. We help you build a road map for your antiques business and then act as a compass to keep you on the most direct path to your destination. We help fill the gap between where your antiques business is TODAY and where you want your antiques business to go in the FUTURE.
02. We give objective, 3rd party insight and identify red flags in your antiques business while assessing your risks and opportunities. We help you create an actionable plan for increasing profits unique to your antiques business and identify where you are leaving money on the table, then advise on how to cut costs and predict your sales cycles.
03. We help you analyze your existing business by developing inventory management systems. We examine the entire way you track your inventory through your supply chain – from the moment you purchase, to your warehouse management systems, to how and when you sell antiques. By doing so, we help you have greater visibility over your inventory needs and clients demands, improving workflow efficiency by breaking down all the costs, so you understand your profitability and create accurate financial reports.
04. We are able to provide insight on the antiques market as a whole, predicting trends and advising on how to navigate the changing dynamics of the antiques trade. Before you invest in new products or additional marketing services, we offer a second set of expert eyes to review and critique profitability or developing plans.
05. We help improve your in-store and written sales pitches and develop your social media marketing presentation skills and campaigns. We give you the confidence to do Instagram lives – to create reels using videos promoting your antiques business. We help you establish yourself as an expert in the antiques industry by discussing opportunities for speaking at industry and local organizations.
06. We help you articulate what success means to you as we help you discover and clarify your core values and vision, not just for your antiques business but in order to live a life that supports the way you want to live day to day. We walk you through the process of aligning personal and business values – and from there help you to develop your rock solid confidence so you can be the best antiques dealer you can be. Our conversations are designed to help you generate consistent, recurring revenue without sacrificing more time or energy.



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