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Travel with friends. Laugh. Explore. And shop. Florence is famous for its shopping. Stay in a Renaissance Palazzo that has only been recently converted from a private home to a luxury bed and breakfast. Enjoy the Arezzo and/or Lucca Flea Market where you’ll find affordable treasures and then browse more upscale antique and art galleries in the Oltrarno and some antique warehouses. Take a day in the countryside at a private villa once owned by Catherine de Medici. A Villa which has only had 1 family as an owner since Catherines time. Do wine tastings and enjoy private dining. Learn the art of lacquering and visit a fabric manufacturer which is among the best in Italy. Walk the streets of Florence in the morning before others wake and watch the streets along the Arno come to life as the city does.. Visit a leather manufacturer that once made the handbags for Coco’s company. Most of all, make memories. Bring home antiques. Whether in your suitcase. In a crate. Or by container. The group is small and exclusive.

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