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    If you’re a lover of antiques, this store is a must-visit. Their selection is truly Unrivaled!

    Piter Bowman
    Creative director

    Anyone interested in antiques needs to listen these podcasts!!

    A must listen to for ANYBODY who has a love of antiques and shopping! Toma interviews experts from every aspect of the antiques world. Her guests include established dealers, renowned interior designers, local on-the-ground guides, auction houses, international shippers, restorers, plus the best of the antiques fair promoter and some many others. They all willingly share all kinds tips for success and admit to mistkes they implore you to avoid…Even after 20 years in the business, we signed up to join Toma and her team for one of their amazing buying trips and educational seminars!


    My experience at the NYC two-day Antiques Diva Mentoring Workshop distilled into three words. The program was full of creative inspiration, not only speaking to antiques, but to creative business solutions. The exercises and thoughtful discussions gave me much needed clarity in the direction I want to go. Most importantly, I gained a new community of like-minded people, all with different backgrounds and unique dreams, but with a shared passion. Toma and crew pulled out all the stops on this one!

    Susan Shaw

    Susan Shaw

    Art that Transcends Time & Trends

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