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Vice President of Sales, Provence Antiques Diva Guide


elanie’s journey into the world of antiques was predestined. She was born into a Provence native family lineage of esteemed antiques dealers and skilled upholsterers. Fueled by a passion for history and art, she pursued a dual education in Law and Art History to become an auctioneer. However, she preferred to embrace the career of an antiques dealer, carrying on her family’s legacy. Before concept stores were a “thing”, she started an antiques store that can only be defined as “the first concept store in France”. In 2012, Melanie started to lead the Antiques Diva Provence tour, guiding antiques dealers, interior designers through her world. 

But her wanderlust pushed her abroad, and she found herself on the streets of Bangkok enjoying the exotic and vibrant life of Thailand. In this vibrant melting pot, Melanie’s creative spirit found new expression as a jewelry designer. Her journey came full circle with the set up of the Antiques Diva Asia tour, a vision to her skill to blend cultural nuances with a global perspective. Returning to her beloved Provence in 2018, Melanie took back her role of Provence Diva Guide, a role in which she continues to enchant clients with her infectious zeal for finding beautiful treasures. Clients fondly remark on Melanie’s penchant for sharing her quintessentially French lifestyle, melding the past with the present to create an aesthetic vision that transcends time and trends.

Art that Transcends Time & Trends

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