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Toma Clark Haines

I’m Toma. I am the founder and CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co. I am a creative who has learned through trial and error how to get s#t done. I am an entrepreneur, a writer, a speaker, a jewelry and furniture designer, as well as the host of the reality TV show Republic of Toma. Most of all, I am a dreamer, and I’ve learned how to make dreams a reality. Let me tell you how we can help you.

Antiques were my hobby. I turned my passion into profits when I built a career in my suitcase, so I could travel the world doing what I love (and help others do the same). I started AD&Co in 2008. It all began with a tongue-in-cheek joke. I didn’t know then that this joke was going to change my life. (And yours).

One day I was at the Paris Flea Market with a friend. I had moved to Paris in 2000 with my ex-husband (more on THAT later). My friends always asked me to help them buy antiques because I knew all the vendors, and I was good at negotiating. One day at the exact moment my friend said “I’ll take it”, I quipped, “That’s why they call me The Antiques Diva.” 

That joke became a blog.

The blog became a business. 

And that business became a leader in the antiques industry. 

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