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Restored Antique Frames 

Diego Salazar Antique Frame RestorerI am an antiques and art lover who is equally passionate about modern design and contemporary art. Finding the right frame for your art is not a simple task: the frame must complement the artwork, and many antique frames have become damaged over time. I also am attracted to design mix, and the juxtaposition of contemporary art displayed in antique frames. In my own home I practice #MixAntiquesAndModern, and art is key my design aesthetic. 

I’ve been called an antiques matchmaker: someone introduces antiques to the people who will love them. As part of Antiques Diva services, we also connect our clients with antiques trade artisans and craftsman. I was delighted to be introduced to expert frame and art restorer Diego Salazar, who I think of as a frame matchmaker who matches frames to artworks by Rebecca Vicars, and am delighted to share Rebecca’s guest post with you. 

The frame is the Cinderella of the art world 

“The frame is the Cinderella of the Art world”, Diego Salazar once remarked. There was a time, in the not so distant past, when a paintings’ original, period frame was often disregarded in favor of a more contemporary frame choice. Over the last 30 years, however, these antiquities have become increasingly admired and are now regularly honored with exhibitions around the globe.

Restored Antique Frames by Diego Salazar

Diego’s collection is a veritable museum where the evolution and nuance of this specialized architectural language can be explored. Here, you can literally walk through and experience hand-carved visual vocabularies from around the world and throughout time.

Restored Antique Frame by Diego Salazar

A spectacular and comprehensive collection of hundreds of original European and American frames dating from the 15th to 20th centuries are found here on display. Upon entering the grand and lofted hallways, with each corner turned, another enclave of history and place is revealed. Light diffused through tall and broad arched-top windows serves to illuminate the patina of the centuries-old gold and ebony finishes.

Creating the perfect marriage between art and frame is an art within itself. Scale, ornament, the karat and patina of gold, the Diego Salazar Antique Framespecificity of the character revealed over time. The frame specimens in this collection have been collected over 40 years and are a direct reflection of Diego’s finely honed eye and sensibilities. From the rippling details of a 17th c. Dutch profile, to the continuously carved panel of a Louis XIV, the examples you’ll find here are exquisite representations of each particular genre and style.

In addition to his knowledge and experience in antique framing, he is an expert in frame restoration, conservation and one of America’s premier dealers in museum-quality antique and replica frames. His work can be found at El Museo del Prado, MoMA, Chicago Art Institute, Cummer Museum of Arts & Gardens, Parish Museum, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams, as well as in private collections around the world.

You are invited to experience this world of lovingly curated group of antiquities with us.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment for viewing and consultation.

The Antiques Diva™ & Co now offering contemporary art tours in select cities in Europe and Asia.
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Toma – The Antiques Diva 

Introducing: Paris Art Gallery Tours

AD&CO Art Tours

Antiques Diva Paris Contemporary Art Gallery ToursThe Antiques Diva™ & Co is proud to announce we are now offering art tours in select cities in Europe and Asia, launching with our Paris Art Gallery Tours. AD&CO CEO Toma Clark Haines explains:

Our philosophy at The Antiques Diva is ‘the design is in the mix.” In my own home, I display my global design viewpoint #MixAntiquesAndModern by integrating modern art with my Asian and European antiques, while in other rooms my antique art collection juxtaposes beautifully with my very modern furnishings and loft-style interior. Many of the interior designers and dealers we work with have long been requesting that we coordinate art gallery tours, both to add to their inventory and for design inspiration. I have waited until now to launch our very 1st curated art gallery tour in a city renown for its art, Paris! 

Exclusive Galleries and Private Rooms
Our expert Guide meets you at your hotel and takes you to “behind-closed-doors” galleries. While some art galleries are open to the public or offer appointment-only access, our Guide has relationships that can gain you entry to exclusive galleries and in many cases, even to back rooms where works aren’t on display to the public. This tour specializes in modern and contemporary art galleries, mostly grouped in the Marais district and Belleville. 

While each tour is customized for the client and based on what exhibitions are on at the time – often a mix of lesser known and established artists – there’s always the chance that the galleries can arrange private viewings of particular artists that they represent but don’t necessarily have on view. For the seasoned art buyer, our guide could arrange to take you to the suburbs where some galleries have larger spaces in which they show monumental works. To complement this tour, we can also finish the day with a museum tour.

Our Paris Art Gallery Tours are highly customizable based on the client’s interests but expect to see some of the biggest, museum-grade names in modern/contemporary art such as Rauschenberg, Kiefer, Cragg, Gormley, Cattelan, Murakami and JR as well as Picasso, Buffet, and more!

If you purchase artworks, The Antiques Diva offers our own in-house fine art and antiques shipping services, AD&CO Logistics.

Half Day or Full Day Tour, Available Saturdays
Our Paris Art Gallery Tours are available on Saturdays, for a full or half day, by appointment only. Custom curated art gallery tours will be launching soon in Venice, Bangkok and London.


For information on Antiques Diva Art Gallery Tours
contact info@antiquesdiva.com

Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva 

Michaela Zimmer

Antiques Meet Modern

When asked whatToma Clark Haines displays original art by Michaela Zimmer in her Diva Headquarters home I personally collect – my answer is always first and foremost “People.” In my line of work, I am constantly meeting fascinating people from all over the world. While in Venice last year at Saloniste’s , I fell in love with both the artwork and personality of Michaela Zimmer! She is a remarkable artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and whose work is exhibited around the world. People are often shocked to discover that as The Antiques Diva I’m obsessed with contemporary art. But as in love as well as decorating…  opposites attract. My personal decorating style is a juxtaposition of antiques meet modern.

I  am over the moon to have contemporary paintings by artist Michaela Zimmer in our Antiques Diva headquarters (which happens to be in my personal home).

Michaela Zimmer

A friend of mine refers to me as “his whirlwind.” Anyone who knows me, knows I am always on the move. And perhaps that’s what attracted me to Michaela’s work. It moves. It flows. It dances with light and motion. Michaela Zimmer rethinks the idea of the abstract painting. She filters the fundaments of abstraction through the syntax of performance. With a background in dance and photography, it’s no wonder movement is such an important part of her process— incorporating the idea of physical movement (dance) and the concept of a still moment frozen in time (photography). When she paints, she surrounds herself with canvases and literally dances as she creates her art. Looking at a series of her work, you can see the movement as it dances from canvas to canvas.

Relationship Between Antiques and Contemporary Art

When discussing the relationship between antiques and contemporary art, Michaela sees it as revolving around time and space. One look at her canvases shows that she places a focus on movement. She explains, “What is specific about these canvases, characterized by a virtually incorporeal, floating chromatic space, is the fourth dimension inscribed within them; time manifested as traces of the performative between the multi-stratified, fragmented layers.” It’s this movement that enters into a dialogue with antiques.

Interior Photography: Susanne Ollmann http://www.ollmannfoto.com

all artwork courtesy of the artist and FOLD, London http://www.foldgallery.com/

Michaela Zimmer

Michaela Zimmer

Relative to movement, Michaela says, “It is interesting that the word ‘speed’ always evokes the notion of ‘fast speed’ first. Focusing on both, fast and slow motion, and situations where they blend into each other, has always been an aspect of my work. Mind you, even when a line appears to be ‘fast’, this might have resulted from a slow movement which accelerated from a certain intensity that wasn’t fast at all.”

Antiques often reveal traces of the human hand which played a part in creating them, and the sculptural element of Michaela Zimmer’s paintings reflect that as well. Details get blurred and stay hidden behind semi-transparent PE film. The dichotomy of abstraction and corporeality disappears in the merging of image and object – illusionary space and material. Combining contemporary paintings with an antique environment is combining both visual experiences.

Michaela Zimmer

Michaela Zimmer

Combining Contemporary Paintings with an Antique Environment

There are different approaches in Michaela Zimmer’s paintings. The lines that originate from a concentrated single movement are mostly applied to white canvas that is only primed. They take a long time in their (mainly physical) preparation, but are then executed quickly. Even with the best preparation, a lot of them end up unresolved and get destroyed, since they can’t be corrected.” The process of creating a work can take quite some time. The paintings are based on numerous layers of paint, which are applied and then often taken away, again and again. This process is time-consuming and very difficult to control since the aim is not a spectacular composition, but a rather quiet one that unfolds only slowly. As Michaela explains, “A similar ‘gradualness in the investigation process’ is also required from the viewer, if he or she is to be rewarded.”

Toma Clark Haines displays original art by Michaela Zimmer in her Diva Headquarters home

In my own home, it’s time that forms the interaction with other objects around the paintings in the room. The present meets the past in my home in Berlin – the historic building is a brewery dating from the early 1800’s – that has been converted into modern loft space for working and living. Michaela’s contemporary art visually bring the space to the 21st century but the 19th C building is grounded with 18th Century antiques.

While I was delighted to share with you a glimpse into my own home office so you could see how art interacts in private spaces – I want also to tell you about an opportunity to visit a gallery in England for a special Exhibition of Michaela’s work.

Perpetual Movement 

exhibition 29 October 2016 till 26 February 2017

Curated by The Lowry in collaboration with Rambert, the exhibition will feature work by four international artists and explore the synergies between contemporary visual art and dance. Artists featuring in Perpetual Movement include Turner Prize nominee, Goshka Macuga, Leila Johnston and Michaela Zimmer, and the exhibition will feature specially commissioned works alongside key pieces from Rambert’s archive that inspired them.

Twitter @The_Lowry www.thelowry.com
The Lowry | Pier 8 | Salford Quays | Salford | M50 3AZ

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva®

One Minute Diva – Brederode’s Najaarsbrocante 2010

to 10px; width: 400px; height: 300px; text-align: center;” src=”http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_kcTb8DnPVW4/TO-1foPaE8I/AAAAAAAAFQg/XWCDXjsl6xo/s400/Brederode.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”” />Dear Diva Readers,

top: 2px; padding-right: 5px; font-family: times;”>It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Brederode Kunst & Antiek is back with their Najaarsbrocante the 10th, 11th, and 12th of December with a fabulous private sale in Amsterdam’s Jordaan! Brederode joins together with area antique dealers to make a special weekend of antiques, art and open doors. This year’s sale will feature lanterns, candelabras, mirrors, glasswork and a variety of French brocante items! But Brederode isn’t the only one opening the doors to her private residence for a pre-Christmas sale: visit Brederode to get a map to other vendors participating in this open door weekend in Amsterdam.

Don’t forget to mention The Antiques Diva® sent you!

Dec 10, 11, and 12
from 11am-6pm

Lijnbaangracht 56D
1015 GS Amsterdam

Read past Antiques Diva blog posts on this special weekend to see some sights from former sales!

Happy Shopping,
The Antiques Diva®

P.S. The Antiques Diva® & Company blog was just featured in a list titled “40 Antique Shopping Blogs” to know! Check it out!

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to 10px; width: 160px; height: 120px; text-align: center;” src=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_kcTb8DnPVW4/TN1OIyKlryI/AAAAAAAAFOk/6pdzg4vjrHg/s400/auction%2Bhunters%2Blogo.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”” />The LA Times says it “should satisfy fans of the Antiques Roadshow”

PAN Amsterdam

Earlier this week, I wrote giving you the dates and details for the upcoming PAN Amsterdam to be held Nov 23 – 30, 2008 at the RAI. For those of you who are not familiar with PAN Amsterdam, I thought you might enjoy reading a review written by an IWC Member who participated in the PAN Amsterdam Antiques Diva IWC Outing last year! So Ta Ta from me and Hello from Novella, an IWC Antiques Diva Participant!
IWC Member Novella writes:
top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>It was a cold autumn day in Amsterdam, but what better way to spend it than browsing indoors through PAN Amsterdam. Eight of us art & antiques loving IWC members met up at the RAI exhibition centre for a Diva’s Day Out! Thanks to the “Invitations” obtained by Antiques Diva Tour Guide Marlene we all obtained free entrance to the show – a savings of 12.50E per person!

This was my first visit with the Antiques Diva Group and it was great fun strolling around the hugely varied exhibits, sometimes with the others and sometimes taking time to view paintings alone, lost among classic fine art, modern art, early period furniture, ceramics, photographs, jewelry, sculptures and all the rest that remains a blur. Some of our group was very knowledgeable about antiques and also confident in approaching gallery owners and dealers asking for information and prices of pieces while others of us hadn’t a clue. Speaking of prices, it’s fun to go to PAN even if you know you can’t possibly afford the majority of the price tags for items at PAN! You learn so much and as The Antiques Diva always says, “Seeing fine art educates your eye so you appreciate quality when you see it. It’s like doing a wine tasting to educate the palette.”

I was bowled over by a modern painting by Karl Appel, entitled De Kat from the Jaski Gallery, but no price tag was listed on this one. Taking a cue from the Diva, I inquired with the smiling dealer as to its cost, “The Cat is 35,000E” he said and I retreated with grace to join the others.

Some of the galleries had made great efforts to provide atmosphere to enhance their exhibits, in particular Jan Roelofs Antiquairs specializing in early period furniture and object d’art. The lighting and setting worked to great effect setting off the beauty and mystery of the mainly 16 & 17th C Italian and Spanish furniture.

An exhibit of Russian early 20th C paintings also caught my eye. The paintings, and there were many, seemed so fresh and reasonably priced! They were the bargain at PAN! They were exhibited by the tory.html” target=”_blank”>Douwes Fine Art Gallery and I might just pop along the Spiegelkwartier later and have another browse with “intent” as a I have a large white wall crying out for some affordable art.

The Art Nouveau period was also featured at the show and I particularly liked the art glass such as Tiffany, Daum and Loetz. Absolutely exquisite! I realized quickly I wanted to start collecting pieces such as these.

The PAN Amsterdam fair is a great venue for antique and art novices and dealers alike. The bars and cafes, strategically situated down the center of the exhibition, buzzed with chatter and happy antiques diva’s exchanging views and making new friends in between sips of coffee or wine and cake! This is a cool place also for people and fashion watching… it’s not just the art that is on show but the guests as well! I look forward to my next Antiques Diva experience in January!

IWC Amsterdam Member